China Bans All Types of Fentanyl

Life is such a mystery with so many purportedly unanswered questions. Some of those mysteries may always remain despite the amount of research underwent. Take for instance, why did Lee Harvey Oswald ever shoot JFK? We may never understand that one. Or why do people eat Applejacks if they don’t taste like apples? Or was Atlantis ever real or only fable? But the real Sherlock Holmes of a mystery that remains on everybody’s mind has to do with the opioid epidemic.     

For those that aren’t aware (which seems impossible at this point in 2019), there is an opioid epidemic at hand that the United States has been scuffling with for years. Innocent lives are being lost prematurely on an hourly basis because of the onslaught of opioids flooding the streets of this nation. Unfortunately most people don’t consider or recognize the urgency with this growing problem until it’s affected them or somebody close to them in their life. Rest assured, eventually everybody and their mother will be affected in some capacity or another because alcoholic thinking is just as universal. This is why it’s being labeled an epidemic though. The rate individuals are dying versus the unspread solution at hand is comparable to the Bubonic Plague in some manner. 

The problem is opioids and opiates. Sure addiction will always remain, but it’s the poppy seeded narcotics that are stripping life quicker than any. Legal opioids are just as much to blame at the illicit opiates. Often times the legal drugs become the illegal ones and the technical analysis of where it’s all coming from is getting very tricky. As a whole, this nation is in a pickle that is way over brined. 

This is why when China announced last week that as of May 1st they will be banning all Fentanyl variants from their country, there was a ubiquitous roar of applause heard on the other side of the world. This is fantastic news for the United States going neck to neck in an opioid war. It’s like the cavalry just arrived.  

Bye Bye Fentanyl

China banning Fentanyl is incredibly advantageous for the United States. They are the number 1 export of the alleged narcotic around the globe, but particularly to the U.S. and it’s ongoing problem. Due to this, there has been contentions betwixt the two countries over the last several years, partially evolving into a trade war between them. With tensions high as a result, China’s president Xi Jinping promised at the end of 2018 to ban all types of Fentanyl heading forward. Then last week they announced they were fulfilling the promise they had made to Trump and the rest of the nation. Hooray!! 

Of all the cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, and overdose death occurring, Fentanyl is probably public enemy number 1 right now.  A few granules of this used irresponsibly can cause pretty instantaneous death, and let’s face it, nobody using opioids is using responsibly most of the time. 

As of March, the Center for Disease Control released a report that said Fentanyl involved fatalities have risen 12 fold between 2013 and 2016. The report also noted that people of color have been hit exponentially sharper, with Fentanyl involved deaths leaping 140.6% each year in the black community and 118.3% in the Hispanic community.  

It’s an Opioid Crisis

Fentanyl is often laced into heroin and other narcotics without the consumer knowing, and alcoholic thinking is quick to disregard such a red flag. Thus we have the resulting pandemic on tap. However, if every bit of Fentanyl disappeared off the streets tomorrow, the next opioid in line would likely make itself dominant seeing as alcoholic thinking would look for it’s next out. 

There’s always an escapism for those that are looking. Cross addiction is a very real thing that will look for a substitute if not taken care of, and there are plenty of other death delivering substitutes out there. All opioids are lethal, Fentanyl is just known to pack one of the biggest punches. 

Along with Fentanyl comes a large gang of deadly opioids ready to knock the socks off any addict willing to play. Some of these crew members include:

  • Heroin
  • Carfentanil
  • Morphine
  • Oxycontin
  • Dilaudid

This is the opioid powerhouse responsible for the overdoses we see on a day to day actuality, not just Fentanyl. 

Now What?

Although China has banned Fentanyl and all of it’s variants, it’s only a small step against the United States’ opioid crisis, believe it or not. Things have gotten so bad that it’s going to take time and much more prevention to get out of the mess we’re in. Addiction statistics will not be beaten from the top down and the drug overdose deaths will not stop overnight, that much is for certain.

Each channel of the crisis should be systematically approached while being put to a stop. Eliminating the distribution and manufacturing of Fentanyl is a good place to start, but there’s still so much more necessary to come. Much more prevention and treatment is needed, otherwise these efforts are like that that of leading a horse to water but being unable to force it to drink still. One thing is for certain, it’s going to take direction and effort from all parts of the world to stop the barrage of chemical fatalities occurring in the U.S. right now.